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Dudes in suits.jpg
The guys clean up well, don't they?
From left to right: Wayne, Daryl Freeman (Pres of Chamber), Mike, Ralph Schultz (Chairman of Chamber), and Safa.
Anyone else notice that the flash reflection in the ZOI logo on the screen is the PAT logo? A sign from the Chamber gods? the video [1]

Read the press release here: Media:pr ZOI.doc

ZOI Timeline

  • Some ideas
  • Lots of late nights with outsourcers and Seener and Safer fun
  • Hotel ZOI is born
  • The saga of Le Evan
  • Someone tired to burn down the "office"
    • KJ and Safa put it out (and thus the start of Team X)
  • An arrival from India
  • We moved into a private/non-home office and got a snazzy plant
  • everyone got chiggers
  • A tall Nigerian teaches the Indian about the world
  • Some groove is brought to ZOI
  • a mullet, developer, and rugrat moved in from VA
  • The Parlor Incident
  • D@Z has joined the game
  • Straight of college, we snag another recruit
  • A Roach and a Burrage join the love
  • A tiny office in Brentwood was filled
  • A new office was found & painted big bird on crack yellow
  • The new office flooded
  • The new office got a second new coat of paint, this time grey
  • Oh, Seener!
  • G-Tizzle
  • People started sleeping/passing out in the office
  • Then the mice started to scare away all the people
  • Proach to the rescue with the traps...
  • We all got a big PAT on the back!
  • A blogger decides that it's a bad thing we are trying to make money
  • Discipline, Big Bell style, is born
  • A little Action, some Turkish love, with a side of Maarfi
  • The cursed laptop strikes again!
  • REACT beats up its bastard step child, See REACT, becoming the reigning champ of the Demo
  • The Great Chair War of 2007
  • ZOI gets married to a guy out in Leb-nan
  • Who is Svetlana and what does she know about us?
  • Ankit gets drunk and sings
  • The Fire Returns !! And disaster is averted. Zoians rejoice.
  • Zoey joins the team for a little while 100px
  • Despite adversity, we pull together

what will tomorrow bring? (free pizza, hopefully)

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