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Welcome to RACE, here we will discuss what RACE is how we are using it and its terminology.


Duration 15 business days (21 Calendar days) aka Iteration
Production/CD Release, multiple RACEs
Report to measure what is left to accomplish in the RACE
Car Assembly
Scaffolding and Stubs
Car Inspection
Integration Testing and/or External Integration testing
Daily Time trials
Daily planning and status meeting, complete by 10am
Daily Pit Stop
Daily Team leader meeting, 10:45am
Build Sheet
Prioritized list of committed deliverables for the RACE and subsequent RACEs
RACE Chart
List of all tasks/deliverables for each team per RACE, contained within the Burnout Chart
Technical Debt
A back log of bugs and tasks that have been overlooked or ignored during the rush to get higher priority items completed. As the pace of new features and functions increase eventually QA catches up and are opening bugs faster than the developemnt team can resolve them. This back log is called technical debt
Tune up Chart
List of issues/impediments for each team
Product Backlog
Prioritized list of all requirements/needs as far out as possible
Capacity of a team, what you can deliver during a given RACE

RACE Process

  • Teams along with Chief Architect will assemble, prioritize and decompose Product Backlog Items
  • Use cases will be broken down into tasks, applications, tools etc.
  • These work items are then sorted into the respective intake pipelines
  • Work items are assigned a work effort estimate, the effort must not exceed the velocity of the team
  • Teams can only drive one car per RACE, with exception of Car Assembly and Car Inspection
  • Teams commit to estimates and deliverables within a RACE
  • Teams daily inspect and adapt the estimates and tasks
  • Teams review the accomplishments and mistakes at the end of the RACE

Learn to RACE

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