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Express Backup

  1. Connect your Palm to your computer using the USB Cable
  2. Set your Palm into USB drive mode
  3. Open the Removable Drive Folder
  4. Copy the file from <drive>\*.db to C:\
  5. Move move the file to a folder on your computer where it is safe
  6. Use Windows to Stop using the USB Device
  7. Disconnect the USB cable
  8. We suggest you restart your Palm

Backup is complete.

Step by Step Backup

  • Connect your Palm to your Computer using the supplied USB cable
  • After a few moments your phone should display a message with the following options:


  • Select USB Drive
  • Open the Palm USB Drive by selecting "Open folder to view files using Windows Explorer"


  • You will see an Explorer window similar to below


  • In the Explorer bar type in the following path:
    • <drive>:\.app-storage
  • NOTE:change <drive> to the drive letter of your device in our case it is I,
  • This is a hidden folder so you will not see it. But if you type in the directory as stated it will become visible.


  • Double click on the folder named:
  • There will be a single file in the directory. Don't worry if your name is different.


  • Copy the file


  • Paste the file to your Desktop or My Documents folder for safekeeping
  • Use Windows to Stop using the USB Device
  • Disconnect the USB cable from the Phone
  • We recommend you restart your phone
  • MyLists Pro data has been backed up to a safe place, congratulations
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