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  • RACE is a way of getting product development unstuck and moving forward:
    • The team has been knocked on its side in terms of morale
    • Management is off-side
    • Low quality of the software
    • There is no delivery of functioning software
  • RACE involves small teams
    • people who can deliver real functionality
    • people who can deliver with high reliability
    • business people and delivery people work together daily
  • RACE delivers in small steps: RACES
  • RACE inspect and adapts the process after every RACE

Defined v.s. Empirical

  • "It is typical to adopt the defined(theoretical)modeling approach when the underlying mechanisms by which a process operates are reasonably well understood
  • When the process is too complicated for the defined approach, the empirical approach is the appropriate choice." - Process Dynamics, Modeling, and Control Ogunnaike and Ray, Oxford University Press, 1992.
  • Typical software development processess are very complicated and the approach is undefind because one does not know the endpoint or endproduct until the product is complete and/or shipped for consumption. For this reason the Empirical approach makes the most sense for Software development.
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