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Vacation : China : November 19th through December 1st 2008

Day 1, 2008-11-21

  • Drove to Newark NJ, caught a flight to HK
  • 16 hours on the plane

Day 2, 2008-11-22

  • arrived in HK
  • met at airport by Grandma and Grandad, Isabelle was shy for 10 mins, then lit up
  • checked into the Hotel Prudential and crashed out.

Day 3, 2008-11-23

  • Isabelle woke up at 4:30am, jet lag hit us pretty hard.
  • Mom took Isabelle out for a walk at 6:30am, Dad hung back and slept a little more
  • had Dim Sum with Jeannies Aunt, Uncle, Mom, and Dad near the hotel
  • Took the Star Ferry across to Hong Kong Island, Isabelle had a blast
  • Took the cable car up a mountain, went up some crazy escalators to the top and looked out
    • Found a play area at the top where Isabelle played for over an hour
  • Went to the Spagetti house near the hotel
    • Isabelle ordered noodles with butter, and a coke, the just passed out on the chair. She woke up the next day.

Day 4, 2008-11-24

  • Spent most of the day applying for a visa to China
  • Did some shopping for some electronics, was sad to find that electronics in USA are much cheaper than in HK
  • Met with Jeannies friend Emmy and Andrew for dinner at a fancy chinese restaurent

Day 5, 2008-11-25

  • Got our Visa to China
    • Had to reprocess our Visa since we were given the wrong ones, had to wait until 5pm for it. So we could not take the early train to Guanzhou
  • Went to the Science Museum, Isabells had a blast. I found out I still cant throw a baseball, 45mph but no where near the strikezone.

Day 6, 2008-11-26

  • Spent the day with Grandma and Grandad at thier apartment.
    • Fixed thier door by replacing the lock
    • Cleaned up thier computer for photo transfer
    • Isabelle watch a couple of movies, Grandad has over 2000 DVDs in his collection
  • Headed over to Jacky's apartment for dinner
    • what an impressive place, everything is marble and the view is over the river. All the skyscrapers are lit up at night and some even have graphics
    • Dinner Cruise boats are lit up neon, pretty much insane
    • Across the river is a 100 story hotel that is under construction, the size of the buildings is impressive of should I say overwhelming.

Day 7, 2008-11-27

  • Got picked up by Jackie in the morning
  • Went to visit Xxx, have not seen in 9 years, lived in a huge apartment building.
  • Went for lunch at the 4 Seasons Club, huge Chinese lunch
  • Went to theme park got there and found it closes early so went back to Vicky's house so the kids could play. I fixed thier phones. The power went out for about 30 minutes and the kids had to revert to old fashiond fun.
    • Build the paper castle so they could add the stickers
  • Tried to cook a chicken in a toaster oven, did not work so we all went out to McDonalds
  • Caught a Taxi back home. Isabelle just loves riding in a Taxi

Day 8, 2008-11-28

  • Breakfast and Grandma's house
  • Went to a theme park, Isabelle got the rock star treatment, people kept crowding around her and asked to take her picture. I got some spin off treatment and a lot of waving to people on rides
  • Went to a restarunt in our hotel, owned by one of the 4 mistressess of the richest man in Guanzhou

Day 9, 2008-11-29

  • went to Grandmas house, wayne did computer surgery. Very slow when you cannot read Chinese but eventually got it all set up for her.
  • Isabelle crashed on the couch until 5pm.
  • The Driver picked us up then we went for a tour of both Jacky's and Vicky's Offices and showroom. They were very impressive to say the least.
  • Next we headed to downtown to a Brazillian Restaurent where we all proceeded to eat too much.
    • Isabelle and Showya did Kung Fu in the hallway entertaining the guests
    • Isabelle got a nice new coat from Jacky and family
  • Back to the hotel, in bed by 12:30

Day 10, 2008-11-30

Day 11, 2008-12-01

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